Lyndon Rivers Treats Philippine Summer With Dance Anthem 'Unsure' and Perth Music Label are proud to present Lyndon Rivers and rising dance diva Nika Nova and these two have just launched the track "Unsure" this Philippine Summer season.

Lyndon Rivers is a four-time award winning songwriter and brought in a collaboration with Nika Nova, a 16 year old multi-talented performer from Moscow, Russia.

His music is heard in UK and US, Australia, Brazil, Africa, Canada, Indonesia, France, Spain, Russia and now in the Philippines with a nationwide online premiere exclusively on Blazin100 - the Philippines' number 1 pure online hit station.

We had a chat recently with Lyndon, he talks about his music, about love and life, and his thoughts about the Philippines.

The song Unsure is now playing on Blazin100 and make sure you request now at or click the request button below.
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Blazin: So can you remember the first song you heard?
               It must be a Beatles song , I would say "Shes Loves You"

Blazin: Recently, what music have you been listening to?
                I have been listening to , Avicii , James blunt , Ronan Keating , The Madden Brothers , Motown !
               A fair mixture .

Blazin: Can you name a specific album from artist that is certified your favorite?
                Any one of 4 James Blunt Albums , lets say his latest , "Moon Landing "

Blazin: Name one song you're really proud of
                It's got to be my latest single Release , "Unsure " Ft Nika Nova ,
Blazin: Why is it?
                It's great to link up with Nika Nova from Moscow , an exciting talent at 16 yrs old .
                A follow up is being recorded , in a few weeks !

Blazin: Just curious if you had written a song that you just wished you had not?
               No , not so far .

Blazin: Is this your first single?
                This is my third single release .


Blazin: Wanted to know if you have collaborated with artists before?
                Two previous releases I had , I used , "Glen Kirton " and "Mary Anne Brown "
                Both session singers , with great voices , from the UK .
                A track is being recorded , by an artist in the USA , It will be interesting ,
                no names , at the moment .
Blazin: Can you share your secrets to happiness and success?

                To be determined , and never give up , happiness is inside of you ,
                not in a place or having material things . Just be happy go lucky , have standards ,
                in your life , be organised .

Blazin: People have this thought that it is non stop partying out there, is it true?

                Not true for me , no time to party , sport is a big weekend thing for me .
                The rest of my spare time , I am promoting my music , or writing .
                 I get to party on my Holidays !

Blazin: Are you in a relationship now?

               I am married .

Blazin: If you were still looking now, what were those qualities you like for a partner in life?
                If I was looking , someone that was positive , strive to be happy ,
                and someone that will work , at things in life !

Blazin: Is it difficult to be in a relationship when you are out there doing shows or performing?

                Being a Songwriter , that releases my own work , on my own record label , "Perth Music Label "
                I am not out performing , but I am on the internet , every evening , doing music related stuff .
                My wife does complain , about the amount of time I spend at it , I don't do things by half's !
               I have thought about doing some shows , in the future , showcasing my music !

Blazin: When do you plan to go back in the studio?

               Nika Nova will be in the studio , recording another track for me , in the next few weeks .

Blazin: Wondering if what you'd be doing if you weren't making songs?

               If I did not do Music , I would be more involved in sport , in some way .

Blazin: Aside from those you've worked now, are there artists you'd like to work with, living or not?
               James Blunt

Blazin: What do you think about censorship?
               No problem with it .

Blazin: Have you or do you censor yourself? Did you ever write a song and then realized it was too harsh?

                I never write anything that will offend people . So no !

Blazin: What's next for you?
                As I have mentioned , a new track with Nika Nova , out late next month . Also
                the track with a male artist in the USA !

Blazin: Can you remember the stupidest thing you've ever agreed doing?

                I did a lot of stupid things when a teenager , but nothing I agreed to do .

Blazin: Do you believe in marriage?
                I am married , so yes !!

Blazin: Do you believe that there is intelligent life out there?
                Lol , somewhere !

Blazin: What would you like to tell the aliens when they land on earth?

                Take all the bad people away , and put them on another planet .

Blazin: What was the meanest tweet you've gotten?
                Nothing mean yet .

Blazin: If you were an animal, what would you be?
               A horse , most beautiful animal .

Blazin: When you hear the word Philippines what comes to your mind?
                A lot of islands , and rain , and some nice people , I have met from the "PHILIPPINES"

Blazin: If you are to write a song for the Philippines, what is it going to be called?
               " Carry on through the rainy days" .

Blazin: What is your message to your fans and the listeners here in the Philippines?

                Thank you so much for being interested in me , and the music and songs I write .
                Good on you guys !!!

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