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EMDN - Thirteen (New Track) Update Your Playlist

Liza Soberano Goes On Diet, First Shooting Day of Darna with Direk Erik

Todo supporta and excited na ang fam and fans ni Liza sa kanyang first major blockbuster super hero film

Last year, the industry has recognized her efforts in the rom-com dramatization film My Ex and Whys, and is affirmed to star in Darna as the eponymous comic book superheroine.

Xian Lim Revelatory Ang Message kay Kim Chiu

kidletsandmama - xianlimm ive been following you both since i created my IG, and I want to give my rare comment but from the heart: your quiet love is a deep love, grown deeper thru the years. Keep this "quiet love" joyful and everlasting. May God bless you both always.

mbgcirca2011 - continue to be happy and in love.... do not mind others as long as you have mutual respect and understanding, do not let them affect your relationship.... GBU

itsmedyosaleng - I pray kayo na talaga hanggang altar so happy for ate Kim  chinitaprincess Masaya siya sayo at masaya dn po ikaw sa kanya kuya Xian  xianlimm

List of other names of Calamansi, It's Also Called Acid Orange

Dont you know that Calamansi has other terms including: calamonding, calamondin orange,

calamondi, calamandarin, brilliant lime, kalamunding, kalamansi, Pinoy lime,

Panama orange, Chinese orange, musk orange and acide orange

Indeed, even the natural name has its part of perplexity, the calamondin was in the past distinguished as Citrus mitis Blanco, C. microcarpa Bunge or C. madurensis Lour

each one of those alluded to it as a citrus

Derek Ramsay Confirmed na Babalik sa ABS-CBN?

Ito ang topic ngayon sa socmed - babalik na ba sa ABS-CBN si Derek Ramsay?

Nag-thank you at nagpaalam na si Derek sa TV5, matapos ang 6 years niyang contract na nagbunga ng 6 projects.

He starred in Kapatid shows like Kidlat, Amazing Race, Undercover, Mac and Chiz, For Love or Money and Extreme Kaya Mo Bato.

Comment ng ilan, posibleng maging Kapamilya siya ulit just like Sharon Cuneta.





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EMDN - Thirteen (New Track) Update Your Playlist