Toyota Releases Low Power Small SUV to rival Hyundai Kona, Nissan Juke - it's called Toyota Yaris Cross

The new Toyota Yaris Cross is reported to have lower powered engine than that of its intended rivals the Hyundai Kona and Nissan Juke.

Toyota's new B-segment SUV gains its world preview in streaming, on a Thursday morning in a lockdown at the end of the month, on the 23rd April. But Yaris Cross is not a model that makes headlines in the absence of news, but rather a turning car that brings the fourth generation hybrid to the epicenter of the European market that counts. Just among the compact sport utilities that in recent years have been able to earn the role of first family car without losing that of companions for leisure. Toyota Yaris Cross will arrive on the market from the summer of 2021 and will be produced in more than 150. 000 copies per year destined for Europe in the French TMMF plant in Onnaing, near. The same where the new Yaris was born, demonstrating a common project that summarizes the results of all the investments made by the Japanese manufacturer in decades, cards that multiply the effects of the others.

Compact dimensions for the Toyota Yaris Cross B-Suv, length of 418 cm


Double motorization, daily usability independent from the electric charge, but also ability to drive in zero emission mode in traffic even for 80% of the time. And then the possibility of also having an electronic all-wheel drive system that does without the mechanical connection between the two axles and the additional weight, but transmits connotations of greater safety in critical driving situations and in light off road. On paper, Yaris Cross has no direct competitors, except for the Renault Captur E-Tech Plug-in, which is however destined to occupy a much higher price range. The PSA group, the most active in this period in the launch of compact sport utilities including Peugeot 2008 and the next Opel Mokka, has made such opposite choices that do not allow for a draw. In fact, the real PSA bet is in dedicating 100% electric engines to compact SUVs, and here is a potentially huge space for the fourth generation Toyota Full Hybrid. With a charge of innovation in habits that has perhaps only one precedent, he too with the brand of the three ellipses on him. In a very significant way, Yaris Cross recalls in fact the overall dimensions of the first generation of Rav 4, 4,160 mm long in the five-door variant, and which 25 years ago invented the Sport Utility segment. Yaris Cross, today, is 4,180 mm long, 1,765 wide and 1,560 high. Its physiognomy completely diverges from the five-door Yaris, mainly because it maintains the same 2,560 mm wheelbase, but in the 240mm of extra length, front and rear overhangs of 60mm and 180mm of rear respectively have been added. The design is clearly differentiated, with a well horizontal front hood and abundant wheel arches capable of accommodating even 18-inch wheels, however accompanied by a body that points to 9 centimeters more than Yaris, more imposing sides and a lot of emphasis in drawing the third rear pillar.

New Toyota Yaris, behind the wheel of the revolutionary hybrid

THE SUITABILITY OF SUV TOYOTA YARIS CROSS-   But there is much more than a matter of look in the success of a model that even the managers of Toyota Motor Europe, in a Skype round table, have emphasized in terms of interior habitability and personality. Smart solutions for the boot, of course, but above all the intention of a driving feeling as oriented towards comfort as it is sporty is that of the city car, different in the response of the steering and attitude. On the other hand, the Yaris Cross variant equipped with AWD-i intelligent all-wheel drive adopts rear suspension with double swinging arm, yet another refinement of the modular GA-B platform which is already the basis of the fourth generation Yaris, which also on the Cross will maintain the characteristics of the reduced weight, the use of high-strength steels, lowering the center of gravity of the car,
& Ldquo; Eyebrow & rdquo;  marked for LED daytime running lights
'Eyebrow' marked for LED daytime running lights

FOUR DRIVE WHEELS: FULL FUN-   Petrol or electric? Having already tried out a new Toyota Yaris preview, it helped Gazzetta Motors to decode the inevitably diplomatic responses of a Skype roundabout where it was not possible to formalize any further technical data. Just remember again that we will see Yaris Cross on the market in the summer of 2021, but already today it is not possible to find direct competitors based on the dynamic behavior of the 5-door citycar sister that we know. Furthermore, no substantial change in the behavior of the hybrid powertrain with a 1.490 cc and 116 HP three-cylinder petrol engine has been confirmed. The key remains once again the greater power of the electric motor which makes the whole system extremely more reactive: instantaneous in transmitting thrust out of corners,

YARIS CROSS, HYBRID SUV WITH ULTRA-LOW EMISSIONS-   Yet another evolutionary signal that comes from the fourth-generation Toyota hybrid engine, which as confirmed, on Yaris Cross will project the level of CO2 emissions so low that once again there are no immediate rivals: less than 90 g / km for the traction variant front and less than 100 g / km for the AWD-i one. Data still to be submitted to the formalities of the approval but which already frame the substance, as Mariano Autuori, Toyota marketing director recalled: "Yaris Cross combines all our experience in compact cars, the tradition of a brand that invented the concept of SUV with the introduction of the RAV4 and the best Toyota hybrid ever, the result of a journey started over 20 years ago ". For the rest, just wait.


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