Discussion: Phablets Will Replace Traditional Smartphones

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Phablets Will Replace Traditional Smartphones

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Andrebw Steven Hsodge says, "They aren't a fad, they're a niche, just like keyboarded phones.

Dawmon Baileyw says, "Ill second this. But like Geoff and Max above, (myself being a Note 2 user) I really enjoy the large screen and contradictory to the article, rather decent battery life. Actually, battery life was the big draw to this phone/phablet. power users tend to get a full day and normal users can push it to 2 days,and this was the big draw for me. samsungs AMOLED screens are gorgeous for movies/tv shows, even if their color calibration and reproduction are not photo perfect. if i had to break down my average usage: 50% web 30% media 15% txt/email 5% actual phone calls. For me its a tablet PC with the extra ability to make calls, and not have to pay for an extra data plan (Sprint unlimited FTW) . i have actually used 50GB in a month. HD tv shows vs new 64GB sd card... lol

Dylasn Gidseon says, "We appreciate your opinion and thought process. It will be interesting to see what happens when the GS4 gets some time on the sales floor. I suspect you will see more and more phablets. Everyone loves my Note 2 and comment a lot about it.

Pan Skeptic says, "This article suffers from provincial myopia. Phablets may not yet fill much of a need in the U.S., or even in the developed world, but they're selling through the roof in Asian countries where they can't afford both a phone and a tablet.

Jerewmy Colslake says, "Right on the mark! The blogger here doesn't like phablets. That's fine. To each his own. However, extending his personal tastes to the entire market is quite a leap. It's really not worth wasting time on, now that I think about it. It's as if I said I don't like Strawberries, therefore they are surely a fad, as who could have a different opinion than ME?

Geoffe Cunsningham says, "I also have a note 2 and I love it. I use it primarily for email and web browsing. I'm a very mobile person and I can't carry around a tablet and a phone, and now I don't need to. In my experience it's less popular with girls though. Photos and video on it - perfect for showing others while travelling! A good camera, a better display for the evenings in the hostel to share tales.

Max says, "Thank goodness i wear man pants! I love phablets because it makes your multi media device really multi media. good for watch movies, Big beautiful screens are a thing i am willing to give up alot for. Battery life included.

Sal E. says, "Let's consider the source: Flurry. The same folks who are putting month after month reports that somehow always 'prove' the validity of the contemporary talking points of Apple fanboys. Notice to the author Flurry is just one more hack statistical company. Statistic can only show correlation not causation. This 'report' only proves that Flurry's data is bias in favour of Apple devices. Why? Most of Android developers don't use Flurry. Flurry predominantly used by iOS developers and developers who started on iOS and now are dipping their toes into Android. Here is my prediction: As soon as Apple releases their answer to phablets and iOS developers adapt their apps to work correctly on it, Flurry's statistics will change. Then we are going to read stupid article with headline: "Apple makes phablets right".

Jermy Collake says, "What a load... phablets are the optimal size for mobile productive use. I use mine (old Note 1) more than any other device, by far. People I know are similarly enthusiastic. More manufacturers are making them this year. As availability increases and price decreases, these will at LEAST be a heck of a lot more popular than unwieldy tablets. And they fit fine in ALL my pockets, primarily jeans, making me wonder if the author has ever actually owned one.

Sineed 66 says, "My son loves his Note II and that means it's staying! Sammy is also coming out with THREE new ones that are larger than 5.5 inches. My son says his battery life is excellent. I have a Galaxy Nexus and its battery life is awful! So, Mr. Brunner your wrong and the tip off is that you have an iPhone. Booo!


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