Guy’s Legs Are Vibrating, Please Help Me! Should I Slap The Guy?

One of the most common questions not only by men but also women is that why do men shake or move their legs randomly especially when sitting.

Now some people find this annoying and often times disturbing and offensive as other see it as a random, unconscious stimulation.

But the truth is that there is nothing wrong with it and it is pretty normal.

Experts named this RLS or restless legs syndrome and it is common among men across all ages.

It occurs usually when a guy sits down, wide opens his legs and then starts to shake or move the legs up and down. In some cases only one leg does the moving.

The occurrence takes place usually when the person feels anxious but not necessarily stressed, especially during exams or when a student is about to take oral recitation.

It also occurs during a non-tense situation, for instance when a group gathers around and the activity involves only socialization and trivial talk.

Please bear in mind that this is not a sign of stress or an indecent stimulation.

Guys do this because they are in a state of anxiety or readiness, not necessarily because they are bored or because they are aroused.

The shaking is caused by a surge of adrenaline to the legs. Adrenaline is an important hormone for the body to enable the person to be equipped physically for an expected or suddenly arising strenuous activity.

As an evolutionary trait, during the Stone Age or earliest years of humans, men would sit down together as they wait for their prey during hunting activities. As they wait, they would discuss things but while doing this, their body is producing adrenaline and sends them straight to their legs in preparation for a long and strenuous run to catch their prey.

This is likened during night outs or when boys gather and socialize, and men more often than not display such shaking of the legs.

Women are often disturbed and bothered by the shaking and often mistaken this as stimulation but this is rather a way for men to exhaust the energy on their legs caused by the rush of adrenaline.

The cause of the rush of adrenaline varies.  Of course, men these days no longer hunt. But it could be that it is caused by lack of exercise (the brain signals the brain to exhaust or release the excess energy), too much calorie intake which causes the overload of energy (as during night outs when men consume too much calories), or anxiety (as with students during exams).

Some people wonder also why their experience RLS during relaxed situations, for instance just sitting on the veranda relaxing, or sitting on the bench while waiting in line for long queue.

The second instance however clearly causes anxiety although one is sitting down and relaxes the shaking of the legs signals that the brain is preparing the body for something, in this case, because you are waiting in a long queue.

As with totally relaxed situations like enjoying the wind and nature on your patio, while just sitting down, it may be because even during relaxed state, men’s brains are designed to always secret these “energy” or adrenaline hormones to equip them should there be a surprise instance that requires physical response.

Again there is nothing wrong with men shaking their legs up and down, it is not a sign of stress or arousal but an evolutionary trait that we have inherited from our ancestors years ago.

RLS or restless leg syndrome is not a disease or disorder. It is common and it is normal.

Do not slap a guy if he shakes your legs; if you feel uncomfortable, try to avoid looking then.


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