How to fix USSC App when it crashes after trying to receive Western Union remittance

During this time of home sheltering, online money transfers are very useful. USSC has made it convenient to receive money from your family and friends be it within the country or abroad via Western Union.

How to receive money from Western Union using the USSC app.
1.) Download the USSC app from the Google Play Store if you are using an Android phone such as Samsung or from the Apple App Store if you are on iOS or iPhones/iPads.
2.) Create an account and get verified.
3.) After successful registration and verfication, tap the Western Union button on the home screen of the app.
3.) Then tap on Receive Money
4.) Enter your MTCN and amount.
5.) Wait for further instructions and OTP

For those who have previous transactions at USSC or have already signed up for a USSC app account it will be easier. 

However, there are users who encounter problems when they receive their remittance. 

The common problem is that the app crashes right after you input your OTP.

We have reached out to the USSC customer service via their Facebook page, and the solution they offer is to update your app to the latest version.

Now users report that the problem still persists.

Upon further checking, there are ways to solve app crashing problem.

1.) Try to install the app from another device.
2.) If the no 1 does not solve it, if could be that you have selected the incorrect options.
3.) Go back to the USSC home screen, tap the Western Union button
4.) Tap on the Receive Money tab
5.) Now on the destination, select the correct Panalo Wallet. There are 2 options the peso and dollar wallet. If your remittance is in peso choose peso, but if it is in dollars choose the Panalo Wallet USD. Now, before you can directly receive the remittance to your Peso Panalo Wallet, which means it will convert your dollar remittance into pesos. But if it does not solve the problem, you may choose the dollar wallet,.
6.) Enter amount then submit.

For now, these are the known solutions when you encounter app failure or crash when using the USSC app to receive Western Union money.


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