I Was Able to Update my Xperia XZ2 to the Latest Android OS Here is How

If you have the latest Xperia XZ2 or even the Compact, you can get the newest Android OS update. Here are more details.

Sony continues to not disappoint on the front of the software support granted to its smartphones: the list of devices updated with the patches of July have also recently added the Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 Compact, both recipients of the recent update that passes the number of releases of the previous 51.1.A.4.225 to the new 51.1.A.4.265 .

The update has a total download size of 357.8MB and brings with it the security patches updated to the month of July (July 1st) .

The update is currently being distributed in the major market . It may be necessary to wait a few hours or day before having the possibility to download it on all compatible models.

Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact is available for 32,566.67 Philippine Pesos. The price and quality ratio is fair but there are few better models.

Sony Xperia XZ2 is available online at 37,514.30 Philippine Pesos or up to 47,534.81 Philippine Pesos for the Premium variant.

To update, go to settings, scroll down to the button and tap About Phone and tap Software Update.

My Review of the Sony Xperia XZ2

This time Sony decided to create a waterproof glass sandwich with aluminum edges, which makes a slight arch on the back measuring 11mm in thickness, this is the top-of-the-range smartphone most often on the market this year, and often as a iphone 4 if you remember it.

Definitely more often than the oneplus 6 and remotely thin as the Lg G7 or the Samsung s9, as a defense Sony said that and made to keep it well in hand, but just add a cover (and is absolutely necessary) and practically fill the hand.

I do not think there's a reason for doing the back so often, you have moved the fingerprint sensor on the back, it was usually positioned in the unlocking button on the side that was strange and unique but worked very well, now while looking for the sensor and you going to smudge the camera.

The power button is located along with those of the volume on the right, strange position but after a couple of days you get used to it.

Quality of the speakers are decent, volume is fine but little distortion, they added something they call Dynamic Vibration, it vibrates the phone to increase the experience a little while listening to music, a little forced but nice.

You need to order bluetooth headphones because it lacks the 3.5mm jack.

We have included a USB type C adapter for headphones but I prefer not to always have an adapter behind.

Unlike many manufacturers, they decided to use a rectangular diplay from top to bottom, this time a 5.7 "ips 1080p resolution that is a bit out of fashion but is spectacular.

Above it runs a cleaner system without the various Xperia updates, this comes with Oreo, in this case it could be a good sign for future updates.

While talking about the interior we find a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor along with 4gb of ram and 64gb of memory expandable with a MicroSd.

A battery of 3180mAh that bears 1 full day, in the evening it should be attached to the charger ...

An interesting touch was the addition of various systems of slow smart charge to avoid damaging the battery and emergency energy saving that works well, I would prefer that there was the need to include them.

Camera! Sony knows how to make a camera and with the ZX2 we have again succeeded.

A single 19mpx rear lens has the manual mode for professionals instead of the spectacular automatic.

In comparison with the OnePlus 6 and IphoneX it does not always win but beats them both in any light condition.

The camera is fast and you can get clear and detailed photos inside and out keeping the shadows pretty well.

5megapixels for the front camera and a little small in 2018 but it does its job.

They record stable and decent video in 4k at 30p with 10bit HDR colors.

They did not include the second camera for zooming or portraits but not everyone wants it.

In general it's not the best, you'll have a waterproof chubby phone with a decent battery and a great camera.

But the camera just does not justify the price compared to LG, OnePlus, Huawei and many others for the same figure (or less) offer a much better and more modern camera.

Yes, it's a good phone, but Sony has missed the goal since we're in 2018 and there's a huge amount of Android smartphones that are light years ahead to choose from.


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