Google To Launch Instagram-ish Feature For Android Soon

Google has finally unveiled th Instagram-like photo filters to the Google+ app but only for iOS or iPhone and iPad users.

This left many Android phone users wonder why the decision to choose iOS over its own mobile operating system.

This is not the first time though that Google preferred to launch a new version or update on iPhone users. They did this with the new Google Maps and YouTube features.

The update allows iPhone users that use Google's social network - and we assume there aren't many - to make their photographs look much prettier before posting them.
"Starting today, we're adding some of Snapseed's award-winning photo enhancements to the Google Plus iPhone app," Google+ director of product management Amar Gandhi said in a blog post. "So now, when you're sharing a photo, you can do basic edits like rotate and crop, as well as select filters."

It still remains a rumor that Google might be launching the same feature for Android users.

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