Earning 2,000 Pesos from Online Paid Survey Site top10bestpaidsurveys.net Is This Legitimate or Not

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Online surveys are one of the several ways you can earn a few bucks online. One of these websites are top10bestpaidsurveys.net.

Upon visiting the site, you are promised of an earnings of 15,000 Pesos Monthly. However, in reality you can earn 2000 Pesos only. Not bad, but here is what you got to do.

1.) You need to login as often as possible, you need to be fast as survey slots limited.
2.) You also need to be in the market, most companies target only first world countries, so in the Philippines, you will be left with surveys that pay less
3.) It takes time though, as the algorithm of the website sort favors those who have established or who have been a member for a longer time. So there you have it, patience.
4.) Online survey sites also watch your survey habits, so be very careful when you answer the surveys.

If you spend too swiftly in a question that means you are not paying attention and you are just answering surveys randomly without thought.

Companies want honest and mindful responses so take time and respond to the survey questions as if you really mean it.

Earn extra money by sitting comfortably at your desk, and answering some simple quiz questions. Easy. Perhaps too much to be true. A few years online, there are a multitude of sites that promise compensation in exchange for participating in surveys. Some of these, such as SondaggiaConfronto , do so indirectly, conveying the user to external services.

«Do you want to earn extra money for you and your family in 2015?» , Reads the last post on the Facebook page of the platform. That in the service must have included a time machine, since the publication dates back to May 9, 2016. Even surfing the site is more than a doubt about the credibility of the format. The texts are translated from another language in a visibly approximate way. In fact, the domain is Italian, but the service belongs to the United Kingdom SurveyCompare company . And under the conditions of use we read: " The English Court will have exclusive jurisdictionabove any claim raised, or relating to, a view to our site (although we reserve the right to proceed against you in violation of these conditions in your country of residence or any other relevant country) ". In short, in case of problems you will have to deal with an English court. But is it normal that this is so? SenzaFiltro asked him to Flavio Azzariti , lawyer expert in IT and new technologies and among the authors of the specialized magazine Dirittodellinformatica.it . "The regulations should be internal," the lawyer replied. In fact, the obligations of a .it domain refer to the Italian civil and penal code, which prohibits committing crimes within the pages.

Where our personal data end
Another problem arises in the transition from one site to another. "The description speaks of remuneration, but in reality it involves the transfer of data to third parties, who will eventually use them for participation in competitions, extractions, collection points: it is not work. So there could be extremes for misleading advertising - explains Azzariti - not to mention that these activities are subject to Presidential Decree n.420 / 2001 which regulates the subject of competitions and prize drawings, the guarantees of which do not seem to be respected '. Furthermore, "it is not clear what data are transferred and there is no complete information in favor of the user, indicating whether they are for third parties or not and the nature of the transfer", adds the lawyer. Who warns users: "When the data are transferred in bulk, with the right of the company to sell them to third parties, it is almost impossible to verify who they were sold and for what purpose, unless expressly requested. And there is the risk that these data can be transferred to infinity, at best for commercial purposes ».

How and how much you can earn
But what is the "prize" for those who decide to trust? If you register for a paid online survey site, you will receive links to a series of surveys in your e-mail box, which will be included in market and opinion studies, which generally vary between 2 and 40 minutes . Also sometimes, as stated for example in the general conditions of the Nicequest.com site, may be required - as well as answering multiple choice questions - to take part in discussion forums with other collaborators, to test a product at home, to send photos or videos while doing a daily activity, or even to register their facial expressions with a webcam for statistical analysis. In short, even more invasive activities of a few clicks. And the joke is that in many cases the participation process ends with a message that informs the user of its lack of suitability for the sample identified. The lucky ones who possess the requisites earn the established credits, convertible into PayPal payments , checks, discount vouchers or gifts . In the case of remuneration, the earnings per survey range between 0.30 and 15 euros, but to be paid you have to accumulate a large number of credits, and in fact many give up before.

There are many critical profiles linked to online paid survey sites, but for now the complaints seem to be limited to the telematic "sfogatoio". " We have not received any reports of frauds on these services," says Commissioner Capo Riccardo Croce , head of the Naples Postal and Communications Police operative sector. However, it invites you to keep your eyes wide open: «Before giving your data check the credibility of the site, even simply by resorting to open sources. The fraudulent sites have already cheated, in these cases the web tam is positive and the Internet is 'friendly network'. An error that is made with any contract, from the app to the social subscription, is to accept the conditions without reading all the clauses. Learn to deny consent to the disclosure of personal and sensitive and unnecessary data. Finally, be wary of the proposals for earnings too easy , because they could hide scams ".


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