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Live Streaming is provided by An internet radio station based in Cebu, Philippines that plays the latest hits and recurrent pop tunes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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First to blazin...^^

<3 wow! galing naman... open na ang face w/ song at balita kapa naririnig!.. love you TV <3

▬ ansaya saya lang!... sa wakas naka connect narin ako sa radio w/ facebook▬

ganda ng mga music dito..mabuti nahanap ko tong site na to..lahat bago!

perfect!!i really enjoy staying in this site and listening to you music..

very good site to listen....


Blazin you're the best! keep it up!

Please include Tagalog songs for more Filipino to like.....

i have just discovered this awesome live streaming radio and i really love it. Thanks BLAZIN100. thumbs up

please add more great music and newer one. thanks

i love blazin so much....more power

thanks blazin for playing my favorite music.. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Can't hold us (6/27/13 4:15)

Amazing site! finally im not bored anymore! ayt! hahaha ..

thanks blazin100

amazing! ang bilis ng request ko . keep it up blazin100 labyah much!!!

nc ang bilis ng mga request ko keep it up blazin100!!!!
sana maglagay din kayo ng mga filipino song's para mas marami ang mga pinoy d2 para masaya !!!!

how i wish mapatugtog un favorites song ko .. especially demi lovato ans pink song...
blazin #1 lab it <3<3 ..

awesome...!!!!!!!! i love it..i realy enjoy to listen here..."

ha? bakit may tagalog na ngayon? mag 1yr na akong listener ngayon pa lang may tagalog..

I hope you can add Paramore in your playlist. I keep requesting for Still Into You but it doesn't get played... :(

the best radio station over the cloud. :D nice playlist. ;)

Bakit ganun? hindi nag p-paly sakin ang blazin100? pa help naman po... mabilis naman ang speed ng connection ko 4mbps. pls pls pls help.

Ow wow request granted i love it reggae version lol tnx anyways

BLAZIN 100 your better than Radio1

OK sana kaya lng bkt ganun.. putol putol ung connection?? pero pag tnry ko nmn sa iba it`s fine nmn..

Hi Willrich Augusto,

We regret to know that. However, you may refresh the page if the stream is still intermittent. Let me know how it went.

If there is no improvement, message us on Facebook. Go to

See ya! - DJ BLAZIN

thanks for always granting my request

since 2011 pa ako nakikinig dito live streaming naririnig sa boung com shop ku ganda kasi walang commercial wala pang local songs

Well sad to say may commercial na hahaha ^

to support the site naman siguro. but its okay, hindi naman too much . hehe

Awesome of all the best, what a life radio station that's balzin100. Can you feel that it's within your heart the music are alive.. god bless

Wow,, love the songs you play..

Can't play no more new songs out there? .. There are tons of good new songs. But you guys Keep playing the same tracks over and over. LOL #SMH

Can i ask if anyone heard the song just been played an hour ago i dont know the title and the artist but the lyrics has "Stranger than a stranger .......... im crazy than a phsycopathic........." lala lalalala can you tell me what's the title of that song? ang who sang it??? thank you.

New music is on the way! Of course there is always something new. Just be patient. WINK!

Can I get the code of you radio player? For my blogsite. TiA.

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