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This Is Our Road To Type 2 Civilization

This is crazy! They are planning on destroying Mercury, Venus, Mars and several asteroids to create robots that will mine minerals to create energy harvesters from our sun.

This is what's going to form what they call the Dyson Swarm.

This could be our blueprint towards Type 2 civilization.

These Guys Want To Hack Climate Change And It's Possible

They are planning on hacking the climate change.

How? Well they want to make the sky more reflective of sunlight.

And thry are going to use sulfuric acid. What?

De La Soul - and the Anonymous Nobody (Can't Wait!)

Hmmm can't wait for this: and the Anonymous Nobody... [Explicit] by De La Soul for $10.49

via @amazon

This Could Be Heartbreak by The Amity Affliction

Just saw this on Amazon:

This Could Be Heartbreak [Explicit] by The Amity Affliction for $9.49 via @amazon

This is probably my second favorite album right behind Chasing Ghosts. I came in with a negative outlook on the album expecting it to be eh due to me not enjoying Let The Ocean Take Me that much (was good, but not great). But this blew me away. Amazing album - review by Joe

This Blink182 Song is Part of Our TOP 5 Chosen Ones

"California" out now at:

Director: Rob Soucy
Producer: Kristofer Barton
Complete list here





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