Biometric Sensors Will Be Available on Apple Macbooks

Apple thinks of a MacBook with biometric sensors. The Cupertino company has registered a document at the US Patent and Trademark Office that refers to systems and techniques to integrate a biometric sensor into the external surface of the computer that can perhaps be used to monitor the user's heartbeat and health.

The patent, found by the PatentlyApple website, involves the use of translucent and opaque layers on the top surface of the PC with small holes that transmit light in the right side area where the trackpad is present, ie the mouse replacement.

Under some conditions it would also be possible to determine the user's heart rate as he uses his hands to type on the keyboard.

Apple is very active in the Health sector, there is a commitment of the CEO Tim Cook and already on the Apple Watch it is possible to check the heart rate and receive a warning when an anomaly is detected.

Apple prepares the new MacBook Pro, 16-inch screen and "all-new" design

According to a new report, the Apple laptop will change shape after more than seven years

Time of novelty at Apple and this time the protagonist will be the MacBook Pro, after the renewal of the MacBook Air (here the review of the last ones released ). According to Ming-Chi Kuo, one of the leading experts on Apple's anticipations, the handset coming out in this 2019 will have a 16 or 16.5 inch display . A particular format, little used in the sector. Especially in recent years, Apple has stabilized on the double thumbwheel 13 and 15 inches above all after the 17 inch had been decommissioned way back in 2011. Kuo also speaks of a "completely new" design but does not unbutton itself and offers no other indications. One speaks then of the arrival of the facial recognition for the releasesimilar to that already seen on the iPhone and iPad while the 13-inch MacBook Pro could reach 32 Gb of Ram.

For years, there has been talk of a renewal of the Apple laptop. The MacBook Pro i…

Review of Huawei Matebook 13 Philippines Price is 60,360.10 PHP Minimum

The Huawei ultrabook family has expanded very recently. In addition to the new laptops announced in Barcelona during the MWC , the Chinese brand also presented a laptop at the CES in Las Vegas: Matebook 13 . Will he be able to convince you? After a few weeks of testing it is finally time to tell you about my experience.

The quality you pay and Matebook 13 is not on sale
The Huawei Matebook 13 was presented at CES in January this year. Announced as the successor of Huawei Matebook X , it will be available for purchase on the market at the starting price of around 60000 PHP on the base. Certainly not an entry level price but in line with the competition. We have only been able to test the version without the dedicated Nvidia MX150 GPU and without touchscreen but with the eighth generation Intel i7 CPU.

In the package there are, in addition to the laptop, the charger, a USB Type-C cable and a convenient adapter. This last accessory allows you to recharge the Matebook thanks to a pass-thr…

How to Make Use of Old Computers as new Google Chrome Laptop PC

CloudReady is an operating system based on Chromium OS that allows you to turn your PC into a Chromebook. Here's how to install it

More and more users of Windows, Linux and MacOS are deciding to buy a Chromebook to replace their laptop, or as a second laptop specifically dedicated to Web applications. These are laptops with a very slim configuration and fitted with Google's Chrome OS operating system , derived from the well-known browser, and that always work online. By now, thanks to the numerous applications for Chromebooks available, it is possible to use a Chromebook as if it were a normal desktop , so we will hardly miss the lack of our old operating system.

It must be said, however, that not everyone finds the right configuration for them when they want to buy a device of this type: most Chromebooks , for example, have a very small screen (between 11.5 inches and 13.5 inches) for promote transportability and reduce weight. A 17-inch Chromebook, on the other hand, does no…

The Future of Google Laptops, Notebooks and Table Hybrids

It seems that Google does not want to invest further in the computing sector, since it is shifting employees elsewhere to work on tablets and laptops.

Google is transferring employees from its laptop and tablet teams to other divisions within the company and the parent company, Alphabet. The cause is to be found in the "reduction of the roadmap" and is expected to involve "dozens" of employees to take them out of production roles: this suggests that the research giant may not expand much beyond its current line of Pixelbook laptops and tablets Pixel Slate.

Affected employees include hardware engineers and technical program managers who have seen their projects canceled in the last two weeks. They were also asked to find temporary projects to work on, moving to other teams like Pixel smartphones . Additional hardware products that Google produces include the Home Home Assistant line, Nest thermostats, door bells, security cameras, smoke alarms and more.

It is unlike…

The Huawei P30 Price Decrease

We all know that the price of a product inevitably falls after its release on the market. This means that buying it at day one is never worthwhile . This week Huawei P30 and P30 Pro were presented , and just late in the morning P30 Lite also came up . How will the prices of these smartphones drop?

To give us credible estimates is Idealo , the same Idealo who estimated the price drops of S10 and Mi9 . His calculations are based on the price trends of the top range of the past .

Small note before continuing : the estimate was calculated before the smartphone announcement, so the initial sale price could be different from the announced one. We will in any case indicate their data to have a consistency with the graphs presented in the gallery.

Here are the results.

Huawei P30 :In Euroin Philippine PesoIntroductory price: € 749749₱44,468.13Price after 3 months: € 606 (-19%)606₱35,978.22Price at the end of the year: € 500 (-35%)500₱29,685.00Huawei P30 Pro :Introductory price: € 999999₱59,310…

Final Fantasy 15 Episode Ardyn Review: The End Of The Journey

With Episode Ardyn the long journey of Final Fantasy XV officially ends . A path that we must define impervious, tiring, unlucky. Forced to interrupt the journey sooner than expected, weakened by the qualitative jolts that have imposed such a sharp change of plans, however, one must look back and dwell a little on the landscapes crossed in these years. So to think that after all, beyond the plot holes of the day one and the disastrous commercial strategies, the fifteenth fantasy would have deserved a better epilogue.

But nothing: the game director Tabata left Square-Enixand the plan to further broaden the mythology of the game is abandoned forever. Episode Ardyn has the task of amassing all the material produced so far, packing it into a mini self-conclusive adventure, and sadly greeting those players who had seen something special in the world of Eos and the protagonists of the adventure.

This unfathomable twist of style and personality, in Final Fantasy XV, was really there. There w…

Video Shows Samsung Galaxy Fold Screen Toughness Test But Does It Crease

The Samsung Galaxy Fold will hit the market starting April 26th . However, a small circle of users belonging to the well-known XDA community is already testing it. The South Korean company has strictly forbidden the distribution of video and photographic material, but it is possible to share the first impressions of use. From this point of view, the folding smartphone seems to convince, especially in relation to one of the aspects on which there is more curiosity: the screen.

Mishaal Rahman, Editor in Chief of XDA, has in fact organized a Q&A session on Twitter , summarizing the opinions that emerged in the community regarding the Galaxy Fold, obviously from those few who are using it. The fold between the two halves of the flexible display does not seem to create problems in everyday life, it is possible to feel it to the touch but it is practically invisible when the panel brightness is set above 70%.

The zipper is also convincing. Many have wondered about the possibility of mis…

Over 40 Plus Free Music for Gaming and Video Streaming

Get all the music at no cost here use this link. Other related news and info about gaming streaming. During an interview granted to Ars Technica by Dustin Land, id Software's chief programmer recalled the first, problematic approach of the Texas company with the game streaming technology developed by Google to shape Stadia's next-gen vision .

According to what is illustrated by Land, it took only three weeks and a team of two developers to implement the transposition of the first DOOM of 2016 on Stadia: yet, according to the id Software programmer, "it took a lot of work and many tests before reaching acceptable standards " .

The first version of the game streaming system shown to the authors of id Software, in fact, was far from convincing , continues Land explaining that "even a basic version of DOOM did not run very well on a local network" . From 2016 to today, however, all the initial nodes of US developers seem to have been disbanded.

"There was …

HP Envy 2019 Notebooks Review Philippines - 47,600.92 Philippine Peso Price

HP today announces the renewal of the Envy family of notebooks , a series of products in the mid-range segment and offering new products for 2019. The US company presented four models: the two Envy 13 Laptop and Envy 17 Laptop notebooks and the Envy 13 x360 and Envy 15 x360 convertibles .

The HP Envy 2019 notebooks are equipped with the latest Intel and AMD processors, offer new privacy options (see webcam kill switches), backlit keyboard and WiFi AC connectivity.

HP did not disclose the full specifications of the HP Envy 13 Laptop and Envy 17 Laptop notebooks , equipped with 13-inch and 17-inch displays respectively. Compared to 2018 versions HP ENVY, range renewed with two desktop solutions and two notebooks | the design was not particularly distorted, maintaining sober and at the same time elegant lines; the only substantial difference is the decidedly thinner frames. The 17-inch model also offers an optical drive, while both versions are equipped with a backlit keyboard and webcam…