Honda CR-V for 2018 is the ultimate vehicle for comfort

The Honda CR-V for 2018 is the ultimate vehicle for comfort. Waiting for the hybrid version expected in 2019 and a subsequent electric model , the best-selling SUV in the world, it takes its leave from diesel and winks at new needs with a new turbo petrol engine. 
The Honda CR-V , entered the market in 1995, cuts the milestone of the fifth generation with a version that has good reasons to attract attention in a very populated segment, where even the details can make the difference.
A car aimed in particular at the family  with the new variant also with seven seats . Spacious, decidedly comfortable, it wants to stand out above all for the innovative 1.5 V Tec Turbo engine that guarantees the CR-V, in spite of the tonnage, performance and efficiency that also translates into a considerable reduction in consumption and emissions.
It will arrive on the Italian market in October (doors open on the weekend September 20-21) with two versions. From 173 hp with six-speed manual transmission , tw…

Mac and Microsoft Laptops - Key Differences Between The Two Brands in 2018 and beyond

Differences between Mac and Windows: find out what are the peculiar characteristics of the two operating systems.
You have to buy a pc, for your child who is studying or for your professional needs. You can not make a serene choice. This article can help you!
You must first be aware of the use you will make of the device. To carry out your business, what kind of software do you need? Are you able to use the operating system? What kind of budget can you afford? Another series of questions you have to ask: do you want an ultrabook, a notebook, a desktop, an all-in-one? What do you really need? What are you looking for? I'll explain what an operating system is, so you can better understand the differences between Mac and Windows. An operating system allows hardware components to communicate with each other. Allows a user to connect and use his own hardware. Serves the computer to use the devices (keyboard, mouse, printer, webcam, storage, etc.). Simply put, it allows the operation of y…

MacBook Pro 2018 may be hot, but the ASUS ZenBook Pro 15 UX580 is gonna kill it

Among the best premium premium ultrabook that have been presented in recent months is undoubtedly the new  ASUS ZenBook Pro 15 UX580 with ScreenPad, a model that is finally available.
It is a device designed for artists, designers, professional programmers and for all lovers of new technologies that, thanks to the new ScreePad technology that combines a touchpad and a high-resolution color touchscreen to offer new ways of intelligent interaction with the app Windows and with a series of dedicated programs called App ScreenPad ,  expands the level of completeness as never before.
In addition to the technical specifications of the highest level, the real gem that distinguishes the new ASUS ZenBook Pro 15 UX580 from all other laptops is the ScreenPad, consisting of a PTP (Precision TouchPad) Windows combined with a 5.5-inch interactive FHD touchscreen . In addition to having a decidedly futuristic appearance, the ScreenPad allows access to the special dedicated ScreenPad App that are pe…

MacBook Pro 2018's Biggest Rival Is Not Microsoft But a ThinkPad Laptop

Today we bring you new details on the further variant of Lenovo ThinkPad X1 , in particular the top variant belonging to the top range of PCs produced by the Chinese company, which could represent the response of Lenovo to the launch of the new MacBook Pro .
ThinkPad X1 Extreme , this is the name of the new version, it could present a 15.6-inch screen in full HD or 4K resolution and made entirely of high quality carbon .

This PC may have the new processors  Intel Core i5-8300H and  Intel Core i7-8750H Coffee Lake, integrating 16 / 32 GB of RAM. The expected disk would be a 512 GB / 1 TB SSD with Nvidia GTX 1050Ti GPU  and 4 GB of dedicated GDDR5 memory.
ThinkPad X1 Extreme could be officially presented by Lenovo to the next IFA to be held in late summer, and the launch price could range between € 122,344.24 and 244,688.48 Philippine Piso, depending on the chosen hardware configuration.

The New iPad Will Have The Ability To Charge Your Other iOS Devices

Apple may soon introduce a very interesting novelty, which will make the owners of iPhone , iPad and MacBook happy . According to a recently approved Cupertino home patent , iPads and MacBooks may soon be able to charge iPhones on their own. This would mean that the tablet and the Apple notebook will have the function of " powerbank " to recharge the iPhone. This is revealed by the Apple Insider website , which quotes a document fromUSPTO ( United States Patent and Trademark Office ), the US patent office.
The iPhone charging mechanism via iPad and MacBook would be very simple. In fact, it is a wireless recharge with an induction transmitter. It will be enough to bring the iPhone to the iPad or the MacBook so that it receives the recharge. As for the iPads , the wireless charging transmitter should find below the display , while for the MacBook you could insert two transmitters, one at the keyboard level and one at the trackpad level , to also allow a charging of two iPhones …

Buying Apple MacBook Air in 2018 in the Philippines, Still Worth It?

PC purchased for the university in order to exploit the continuity between mac and iPhone. 
Shipping and packaging perfect, at the beginning I was rather hesitant about the purchase and use of a PC with Mac OS. 
Having always been a Windows user criticized with too much prejudice the apple world of laptops, however since the first start the device is intuitive and practical to use, to learn all the features of this macbook you need about 2-3 days of use and then you will be projected into a "comfort zone" especially for people like me who use an iPhone. 
THE' association iCloud and the ability to have and to be able to view / continue any content with almost instant sync (it takes less than 2 minutes for a job from iPhone to be saved on the Mac and vice versa) are features that can hardly be abandoned. 
Excellent keyboard quality (perhaps the backlighting is sometimes activated when not strictly necessary), allows a smooth and fast typing, and the smoothness of the glass tra…

Do You Really Need MacBook Pro 2018, Here Is Why You Won't?

The new MacBook Pro are very powerful but cost very expensive. For whom were they thought? Who are really "pro" users who can spend 496,475.68 Philippine Piso for a laptop?

Who is a pro user for Apple? The update of the MacBook Pro line, Cupertino "professional" laptops, ticks this question. The two versions, from 13 and 15 inches , are more than a simple processor upgrade: they have power, flexibility but also capital costs. In the face of eighth-generation Intel processors (up to four and six cores), up to 4 Terabytes of SSD , 32 GB of Retina RAM display memory enhanced to adapt to the type of ambient light and new T2 chip for security (in addition to the third version of the ultra-flat keyboard, now quieter and perhaps more resistant to dirt ), it also changes the price.

The basic version of the MacBook Pro 13 costs 124.12 Philippine Piso and reaches 248.24 Philippine Piso, the 15 inches version starts at 186.18 Philippine Piso and even reaches 496.56 Philippin…

Review - I Am Going To Buy The New Suzuki Vitara 2019 Although There Are Let Downs

The Suzuki has released the first information on Vitara model year 2019, which will debut in Europe in September. It has not yet been confirmed its presence at the Paris Motor Show , nor do they know any commercial information about the international market.

Led rear lights, new design for the instrumentation. 

The restyling of the Vitara  plays on elements such as the unprecedented design of the bumpers and alloy wheels, the new daytime LED lights, the revised mask and the new rear LED light clusters.

In addition to two new body colors, there are also new features for the interiors, where the new analogical instrumentation with a central color display and the soft material coating for some sections stand out.

The 1.0 turbo retires the 1.6 aspirated. 

The most technically important innovation is the definitive exit of the 120 hp 1.6 VVT petrol engine.

Next to the 1.4 140hp Boosterjet, already available, the 1.0 112 hp Boosterjet will be introduced, offering greater efficiency. Ho…

Driving The New Ford Focus 2019 - Review of Its Ups and Downs

A sponge and the choice to start from scratch. In Ford they have not used half measures to give life to the Focus 2019, the fourth generation of the best-seller of Blue Oval that is ready to debut in dealerships, where it will be reached in September by the family SW.

On the other hand, even if the SUV boom is stealing space from the C-segment compacts, these models maintain a key role in the global market and in the houses' budgets.

Logical then that in Ford have rolled up their sleeves to pack a product that can please all the latitudes and a more transversal audience than ever.

It is no coincidence then that the Ford Focus 2019 presents itself with a complex range, ready to arouse the interest of many motorists.

The two bodywork in the catalog can be combined with Focus (essential), Plus (concrete), Business (smart, company-sized), ST-Line (sporty), Titanium (elegant) and Vignale (sumptuous).

Later, at the end of the year, the Focus Active will also arrive, with crossover prot…