Suzuki Vitara 2021 in the Philippines

Will Suzuki Vitara return to the Philippines in 2021? Well only time will tell.

In other markets however the SUV continues to thrive earning positive praises from motorists. Suzuki Vitara promises to be an SUV a little different from the others. Capable of getting off-road. But also to guarantee low consumption and operating costs, thanks to a new micro-hybrid system. Will it be true?

Unbeatable value for money. I think it is the best in its category. Too bad it's only petrol.

Japanese cars have much more substance than many European cars and with low prices, once an ignis first series I had fun in the mountains, and or made Salerno Roma in just 2 hours we talk about a 1.3

The vehicle is, in my opinion, an excellent compromise: great versatility and versatility, sobriety and efficient all-wheel drive. I chose the Jimny (also for the size) ... but the Vitara convinces me!

Here's what Europeans have to say about their Vitara. The Suzuki Vitara is no longer a one-piece off-road vehicle. It no longer has a separate chassis. He no longer has the reduced. And not even permanent four-wheel drive. Yes, because the fourth series has turned into a beautiful and good SUV. With self-supporting body and a 4x4 that is there, but only comes into operation when needed.

From the parts of Hamamatsu, in any case, they are convinced that the new Vitara is able, even today, to venture a little off-road. Not only that: the Japanese designers also claim to have developed valid driving assistance systems  (standard on all versions) and a simple hybrid system , which is capable of containing consumption in the city, without penalizing motorway journeys too much.

It is a mild-hybrid 48 Volt system. You never travel in pure electric, therefore, but the system still allows you to recover precious braking energy with which to go to support the four-cylinder turbo petrol 1.4 Boosterjet. A small electric motor, powered by a lithium-ion battery, offers an additional thrust of 50 Nm in acceleration. Not only that: the mild system also allows you to sail , since the electric unit is able to run the engine at minimum, without there being petrol injection. In this way, during deceleration and with the gearbox in neutral, the engine resets consumption but is still ready to resume the gear as soon as requested by the driver.

To find out if the Vitara, recently renewed with a nice restyling, is really something more than a simple SUV we have subjected it to an extreme test. Before making it climb like a small Sherpa on a real ski slope , at 2,000 meters above sea level. And then scrambling it among the snow-covered curbs of the Livigno ice rink , better known as "The University of Traverso". A real circuit, which instead of asphalt prefers live ice, usually reserved for cars of high lineage (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo and Subaru WRX Sti).

For the 1.4 turbo gasoline Boosterjet was certainly not a walk . As well as for AllGrip all-wheel drive, committed to enduring superhuman effort. The result? Find out in our video, where you will also find the real efficiency levels of the Suzuki micro-hybrid system.


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