Apple Watch Series 4 Review Philippines, Price Starts at Php27,000

Apple Watch has always been a product that generates hate and love. I hate because it has often been defined as an imperfect and very expensive product, because love for Apple users is the only real wrist wearable that can squeeze the potential of their product. Since its launch in 2015 it has remained substantially unchanged and for this reason in the "s" year for the iPhone , Watch series 4 is a bigger news than one might believe.

Inside the package we found, in addition to the watch case, the cable with the magnetic charging base and a second package with the chosen strap, in our case the one in black plastic. The package is therefore "classic" for a similar product.

The Apple Watch design has not changed. It is always a rounded rectangle and "polished" like a stone. It is clearly recognizable and although perhaps not the most beautiful design for a watch has its functionality, offering among other things this year an even wider display that comes closer to the edges. Watch series 4 is bigger, going from 40 and 44 millimeters, but remaining perfectly compatible with the straps of the previous generation (and therefore also with the dimensions of the previous "wrists"). It is perfectly constructed and is equipped with two keys, one long and flat and one in the form of a circular crown that can be rotated for various purposes, but mainly to scroll through the menus. The base is in ceramic and sapphire crystal, while the entire watch is built to ensure water resistance up to 50 meters deep. All in a body now a little thinner. Not bad.

It is also equipped with a large number of sensors, such as the barometer, the gyroscope, the accelerometer and a heart rate monitor now both optical and electric. The speaker has been moved away from the microphone and is now more powerful. Fantastic then the haptic feedback of this watch. It will never seem to vibrate, but rather give you delicate taps on the wrist, different in type and intensity depending on the function for which it is intended. The physical crown then gained almost real feedback on the rotation.

Depending on the watch version you choose, you will end up with a 1.57 "or 1.78" inch OLED display . It is a fantastic panel, bright and that adapts perfectly to the ambient light conditions. An always-on mode is not available but the detection of movement to watch the clock is so precise that you forget about this absence. The Force Touch is still present to give different actions by pressing hard on the screen.

Watch series 4 has inside WatchOS 5which in itself is an aging and not a distortion. Among the new features a nice walkie talkie function, a new quadrant with 7 activable complications and many other quadrants that are added to the previous ones. The way of navigating the watch has not changed and after some use I had to think again about what looked like chaos and a bunch of colors to fill the new screen. As well as the design of the watch, even the interface is certainly not the most satisfying for the view but in the end we get to understand that many choices are due to usability and simplicity. The interface of WatchOS is in fact simple, intuitive and functional at all times.Yoga and Trekking among sports. Among the most publicized news also the detection of fall that will try to get your attention after a fall and after a minute of immobility will call the rescue. In addition, thanks to the possibility of "closing the circuit" by touching the digital crown, it will also be possible in the future to make electrocardiograms . Also at the launch will be a function but available in the US initially.

For those who do not know WatchOS here is a series of features that we take for granted: reception of notifications (with limited response), ability to make and answer calls (even without iPhone in the Cellular version), possibility to ask questions to Siri press a button, excellent app for fitness and great app to motivate you to move more each day and a comfortable relaxation function that helps you with your breathing. Some are small things, but they are so well integrated into the system that you really want to use them. Then we have functions of control music, camera, home automation, weather and your commitments. Obviously if you have set up a card on Apple Pay, you can also pay with your watch. Apple Watch series 4 is certainly the most advanced smartwatch in circulation.

Is he missing something? Yes, sleep detection. All you need is a third-party app to solve and this will seamlessly integrate with the Apple Health app. Why Apple, however, does not integrate a similar function in its smartwatch that has "everything"? The reason we imagined is in the next chapter.

Apple Watch series 4 has a battery that does not allow you to get two days of battery life. Easy to assume that Apple did not want to sell its product as a device to track sleep, simply because at night you have to charge it (not for anything else the night mode involves its use on the charging dock). You can easily get to a day and a half of use but with a session of physical activity (and therefore GPS) or a little 'use of LTE, you will arrive at the end of the day.

Apple Watch series 4 starts at 27,457.59 Philippine Piso. Everything will depend on the size, the material, the strap and the availability or not of the LTE connection. The price is undoubtedly high and higher than other smartwatches , but still in line with Apple's policy.

Apple Watch series 4 is the best smartwatch in circulation. For certain uses alone it could be he who makes you buy an iPhone as a result. The leap compared to previous generations is then remarkable, thanks to the new display. Maybe it will not be the most beautiful design and interface, but after a while 'use you will understand that the password is "functionality".


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