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This is the first singel from my upcoming EP with the same name, that will be released very soon!

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  • christian schultz says at 0:23:

  • User 835589703 says at 0:01:
    I love this song

  • Ray J A Newman3 says at 0:12:
    What's up, Joakim Karud We checked out your tracks on your Soundcloud. We like what we heard. We can get your latest songs thousands of plays from real listeners within days. Oh, and we usually do this for 250 but for you we'd be doing it for only $10 Our way of giving back to the sound cloud scene! Sleep on it, think on it. If you're down, your code is promoround10 and it will drop the price :)

  • Dawie 1976 says at 1:33:
    Awesome music for video.When the time comes I will use your music and I will definitely donate.Awesome,thank you and keep up the good work.

  • Stephan ArminSchmid says at 2:23:
    The best song ever

  • »»»Bram344««« says at 0:16:

  • »»»Bram344««« says at 0:03:
    Friking nice do :P

  • Axel Raw says at 1:27:
    Thank you so much ! this song is AMAZING :)

  • DCBonner1983 says at 0:31:
    Hey, Joakim Karud We checked out your music on your profile. We love what we heard. We can get your latest songs thousands of plays from real listeners within days. Oh, and we usually do this for 250 but for you we'd be doing it for only $10 Our way of giving back to the music scene! Sleep on it, think on it. If you're down, your code is hits10 and it will drop the tag. :) (

  • Bensven says at 0:37:

  • Anais A says at 0:01:
    <3 Perfect

  • Andrew Sustek says at 1:18:
    damn this song amazing 👌

  • Lisa Michelle Carter says at 2:51:
    Ahhh I'm going to use this for my halloween video! Fits perfectly with an upbeat fun feeling! <3

  • DJ BLoTch says at 0:55:

  • DJ BLoTch says at 0:55:
    SICK TRACK!!!!!!!!!!!

  • User 835589703 says at 0:55:

  • Diezel Martin says at 0:56:
    this is upbeat bro

  • Thibault Waitforit Perrot says at 1:06:
    Niiiiceeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!! Well done

  • MR.paojavier says at 0:04:

  • Sheng Lee 9 says at 2:25:

  • Xof711 says at 0:05:
    This shit is good brother!

  • Paul Adams 12 says at 0:15:
    just used it on latest youtube vid thanks

  • Curious Kani says at 1:34:
    @joakimKarud: I've used this track on my weekly vlog here: Hope that's ok with you. Btw, it's a great sounding track.Thx.

  • 6' 6" says at 1:18:
    glad i found this, very nice vibe

  • mahdiboukhadra says at 0:17:
    so good

  • Saptarshi Nath says at 0:21:
    absolute fav

  • Bridger Helwig says at 2:16:
    I wanna like it a infinant amount of time!

  • reinamun says at 0:43:

  • AbrahamMntt says at 1:07:

  • Ichsan Bowo says at 1:01: the beats

  • MtZen says at 0:09:
    Ah, that beat! <3

  • Call Me Doctor Hu says at 2:23:
    I almost exclusively use your music on my videos. If I ever get money from it I will donate some :D

  • DJFred says at 1:10:
    this = :)

  • Christian Damoiseaux says at 2:05:
    CHECK IT OUT, I made a CASEY NEISTAT playlist

  • Christian Damoiseaux says at 0:47:
    CHECK IT OUT, i made a CASEY NEISTAT playlist

  • T-Ball says at 0:09:
    casey <3

  • robd3d says at 0:16:

  • Nicolas Cokite says at 3:30:
    Fantastic !

  • David Jarvis says at 1:32:
    need more like buttons....

  • Guillaume ROBERT-FAMY says at 3:39:
    good job !

  • AnTam says at 0:36:
    yeah Jon Olsson

  • TheAllstar says at 3:17:
    Chill to the MAX!

  • Simon ww says at 0:13:
    Already fell in love with this one! So good!

  • 1HMNC says at 0:12:
    Super Hit !!! full support by 1HMNC !!

  • Dustin Garza says at 1:01:
    how diarmingly powerful this is

  • Dustin Garza says at 0:17:
    Sheer Beauty!!

  • Hunter Kendrick says at 0:01:

  • Clay Bowen says at 3:36:
    Best song you've ever made in my opinion, LOVE IT :)

  • AuxApproved says at 1:14:

  • AndreaOsorio25 says at 1:09:
    nice Bro.!

  • raexey says at 1:43:
    this song is so nice!

  • FreakShack says at 0:33:
    Awesome track! So happy for new music

  • Gabriel Soria 6 says at 0:08:
    I came here thanks to MeloMore ¡awesome song!

  • aelec aelec says at 3:26:
    Supet Music! Je compte l'utiliser sur ma chaîne en vous créditant ^^

  • Ninogiva says at 3:34:
    Back to the old Joakim that made me follow you. GREAT JOB!

  • Julek Dereszewicz says at 1:07:
    great vibe!

  • tukygogobi says at 0:17:
    Great track. You can increase your plays here:

  • juliobianco says at 2:58:
    Holly Yeah ! <3

  • user978654275 says at 2:37:
    Awesome vibe!

  • Duke Loveday says at 0:11:
    I like this a lot!

  • divingbert says at 0:29:
    OMG, please make more such tracks...

  • LTZ says at 2:14:
    Helt underbart!

  • Iker Muris Evans says at 0:02:
    sweeet!!!! ;)

  • Joseph Rodriguez says at 3:13:
    This is a hott ass track

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