Mariah Carey's Infinity Is New Number 1 on Blazin100 Top Ten last May 30, 2015

Mariah Carey - Infinity9.702 [ VOTE ]
Lyndon Rivers - Unsure feat Nika Nova4.715 [ VOTE ]
Taylor Swift - Bad Blood feat Kendrick Lamar3.728 [ VOTE ]
Juan Karlos - Runaway Baby3.703 [ VOTE ]
Whitney Tai - Underwater3.236 [ VOTE ]
Wiz Khalifa feat Charlie Puth - See You Again3.076 [ VOTE ]
Gravity - Imposible2.899 [ VOTE ]
Jessie J - Flashlight2.752 [ VOTE ]
Tom York - Ultra Wave Feat Lyck2.746 [ VOTE ]
Galantis - Runaway U and I2.739 [ VOTE ]

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