WATCH! Infini is Zombie Meets Event Horizon Movie

Okay, this is it, this is it, we love to share about the newest in the social media universe.

So lately, we have been getting feedback about this on FB and Twitter , as people are posting about infini movie.

The juice is that it is of shocking nature but for some it is something to be dealt with.

And oh by the way, on social media hashtag and searches are, and im not kidding, centered on "luke hemsworth"

The news (ahuhm) about this has been circulating starting on the, oh wow, date today

Meh, I'll just go and play doom.
+Darth Zoddo you´re stupid, he wanna play doom cause this trailer reminds doom movie, tha´s the hilarious in his coment, no matters if is a game a movie or a book, is the concept
+Damjan Plamenac Not like Doom, its more like Dead Space.... Doom 3 is old concept and 2005 doom suked hard.... so....
not Chris nor Liam, but LUKE Hemsworth. shit there's another brother that we didn't know about.
+Leonardo Campos they're multiplying like Baldwins
+RckerMom87 meh, check out ron howard's "rush" Chris is talented imo.
Event Horizon meets The Thing? I'm down.
+atom608 I totally forgot about Doom until now. I only liked Doom for that First Person POV sequence and the Rock before he becomes the bad guy. Otherwise it was a crappy movie.
+browsebig I thought Pandorum could've been better but I do like the acting, the set design, and the atmosphere. Also it has the chick Faora from Man of Steel. I really liked her in the movie.
Dead space ...
+The Extinct Surgeon i liked 2 the best because it had great MP and SP. 1 was also really great! 3 was just a waste of time. it explained the lore well and story but the gameplay was shit. it wasn't scary or hard. they also cut out MP and implemented co-op which actually made the game easier.....
+Darth Zoddo Oh yes, the second one was really good. The whole Nicole creature that the marker had done that had light coming from her eyes and mouth who just popped whenever kept me cautious throughout game. The third one lost the horror element and was done poorly but it was still an ok game. The first one was good but the second one was really good.
MOVIECLIPS Trailers Shared on Google+ · 6 hours ago
Deadspace only... cheaper?
I think it relates closer to DOOM than alien noting that there are no aliens... and i'm referencing the failure of a movie (according to other fans and critics, I always enjoyed it) that came out about 5 years ago.
+Moist Von Lipwig Before reading the comments, The first thing i thought of is this is deadspace.
Dead Space on film? I'm in....
So, basically Prometheus.
Hahhaha, what? Nearly nothing in common.
+Tony Mintz kinda more along the lines of pandorum, with more people and its a rescue mission rather a "travel from one end of the ship to the other"
Reminds me of the SyFy show Helix a little bit.
+Tici Toty Tony Helix is shit!
so this is just doom except with worse actors
+OnlyDavidWould doom probably has a lot better lore. but this movies is worth to watch.
Still beats Doom the movie (with the rock) that movie was diarrhea.
This was a Dr Who episode
Which one do you refer to?
Probably Water of Mars
A future where the most dangerous jobs are the best payed? A plot about aliens who eat bananas out of their butt holes is literally more realistic.
This is as cliche as everyone with 10 fingers.
Prometheus, Pandorum, Event Horizon, and now Infini. How many times must we see the same movie?!
+Brandon Halin shut up troll
Who else watched this whole video and wondered where Chris Hemsworth was? lol apparently I can't read.
Oh look, another Aliens, Pandorum, Promethus, Last Day on Mars, Event Horizon, list goes on......
Nothing new we've not seen before.
Hey this actually looks really good. I feel like everyone is too quick to judge and often negatively.
+JoeyGraceffaFan1 IKR. people think it sucks becaus it's not marvel or any other mainstream movie. sci-fi horror really fits into my street if done right that is. but this looks really promising.
+JoeyGraceffaFan1 Um, hello, welcome to the internet?
If Deadspace Pandorum The Thing Alien Prometheus And Doom all got freaky together, this would be the offspring.
+The Man Who Only Comments You forgot Event Horizon.
+The Man Who Only Comments How do you know what was in this trailer? You only comment.
Too much Pandorum, not enough original

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