Robocop Movie Review at Ayala Center Cebu: Must Watch for Batman Begins Fans

Robocop is already shown in Metro Cebu and nationwide of course and moviegoers are all lining up, kids and kids at heart to catch the action and the latest incarnation of the well loved robot cop character of the 90s.

There are 3 reasons why you should spend a couple of hundred bucks to see this movie.

1. Cast and character development

2. Emotion

3. Action

Weakest points of the movie:

1. Dragging at the start

2. Not much Robocop gadgets

3. No gore

The cast is superb, I tell you. Reminds you really of the Dark Knight installments and speaking of which, yes, I can’t help to drop the name of Batman Begins, because yes, if you are a big fan of superheroes beginning told in a superb way, yes this movie is in the same shelf as Batman Begins.

Although the epicness can’t be compared to Christoper Nolan’s take on the Dark Knight, but Robocop 2014 I tell you is a decent and clever remake.

Character dev is what I really dig about this movie. The film made sure there were sufficient grounds or basis for Murphy’s eventually avenging of his death.

Joel Kinnaman who plays Alex Murphy I must say did a good job, although not stellar. But I tell you what, his face is perfect for a modern Robocop. I mean there are still hints of the old Murphy with that signature dimples on the face, but the way Joel portrays Alex, like a lifeless sort of emotionless facial projection, which is great because he is inside this robotic body, but you know there are emotions in those eyes, and that is so hard to pull off.

So grats for casting Joel.

Emotions, this movie is an emotional action sci fi movie. And when I say this, there aren’t necessarily tear jerking moments but in the entire film, you can’t help but root for the character, gets you the feeling of being a human surviving in a robot body. Joel does the character pretty well, the complexity and the conflict of emotions are definitely there.

This movie also packs in great action scenes. Although I must say it is not an action movie. The sequences that require them are only shown when it was necessary for the development of the story.

Which is great, because watching the movie I didn’t feel that there scenes that are made for fan service, I didn’t feel that.

Its three greatest strengths happen to be also its weakest. When you have a cast like that big, of course you wanna give them much airtime and with a movie that is introducing how a character came out the tendency really is that it becomes dragging.

Especially in the first part where every thing is being laid out and established. For me though it is not much of a problem although some people who love to get into action right away might find this a turn off.

Also being an emotional science fiction movie, some of the best parts of Robocop are also being omitted.

There is not much focus on Robocop gadgetry. There are sequences there showing how Omnicorp CEO chose Robocop’s black suit. And also a scene in there, where he is being oriented of his ammunition. But other than that, you don’t expect a Batcave sort of appeal where you get to see a closet full of Bat gadgets.

Also, I remember the first Robocop were full of hideous and sometimes ridiculous violence and gore. This film is PG13 movie therefore lacks those elements.

Overall, I must say this film succeeded in remaking Robocop. Oh not to mention there are a lot of references to political satire and present day realities about this movie like Afghanistan, post 911, robotics and artificial intelligence, NSA, and what not.

Watch this film with the whole family, with kids, with a date, with friends.

I give it a 3.9 out of 5 rating.



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