Movie Trailer Updates: Diana New Movie Trailer Creates Controversy

Diana New Movie Trailer Creates Controversy

"Actually the plot of the movie is quite true, Diana was indeed in love with Hasnat, the pakistan surgeon ... many close friends said he was her real love and that she was ready to marry him. It seems that after he broke up the relationship Diana was shocked, and she started to date Dodi only to make Hasnat jealous. Of course we don't know the complete truth, this is what emerged from interviews, books and documentaries with the people involved." - Leo on YouTube. Cameron Cummins meanwhile says "This makes Diana look terrible. Its much too soon to be making a movie like this"
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Ender's Game Updated Teaser Gives Out Too Much Netizens Say

Oneryeone thinks "So glad it looks like they're keeping mostly with the books. The worst way to ruin this movie would be to change the plot because everything Orson Scott Card writes is connected in some way..." Lan San on the other hand gives - "Every simulation except for the first one was a real battle. That's why he claims to Mazer that the AI is cheating and adapting to his battle plans too quickly, in reality it's just the buggers rate of learning. Ender didn't really know that the game wasn't a game until he found out the war was over at the end. His personality just lead him to continue."
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Kick Ass 2 Hit Girl To The Rescue

Miracle Coll says "Have you seen her interviews?? and behind the scenes?? this girl in not an average at all .. she knows this shit, of course is choreographed but this is her second movie and she learned a lot about fights and weapons, swords and stuff And now kick ass can fight!! this movie will be awesome!"
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Muppets Most Wanted - Official Teaser

Scott Cameron thinks "They should make a movie about Ricky Gervais's head getting bigger and bigger until he becomes overly arrogant and puts his name on anything that gets thrown at him. Oh wait, that's his career..."
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The Motivation Movie Skateboarding DocuFilm

Jack Black comments - "This comment has received too many negative votes For god sake, it's just a piece of wood with 4 wheels bolted on .. why glorify it? " to which Harry Rosewood reacts "and football is 22 dudes running around,trying to kick the leather ball in huge metal gate for 90 minutes... why glorify it?"
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