Iron Man 3 Sports New Deep Space Suit [SPOILER ALERT]


  • Kathy
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    Kathy  •  14 hours ago Report Abuse
    Remember the cartoon Ben 10, that looks like one of the aliens he turn into. The alien that makes the loud noise.
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  • Shadez
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    Shadez  •  11 hours ago Report Abuse
    We can only hope the toy manufacturers remember that no Tony Stark action figure is complete without it wearing a Black Sabbath T-Shirt.
  • AltonA
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    AltonA  •  12 hours ago Report Abuse
    Looks like a nicktoons "rugrats" character.
  • Delron DaThugg
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    Delron DaThugg  •  14 hours ago Report Abuse
    Given that the mad Titan Thanos first appeared in Iron Man, and is THE Marvel baddie and a galactic/cosmic/universal class threat, hell he is a threat to the entire pan-dimensional, omni and multiverse of Marvel, it's no surprise that Iron Man will be going to deep space...
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  • ender098
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    Ender098  •  14 hours ago Report Abuse
    Ok, I collect GI Joes.(the smaller ones). The Rise of Cobra offered MARS Trooper 3 packs...they weren't in the Movie. And the Avengers has a BLUE Iron man I have seen called BOTH Reactron Iron Man and Deep Dive Iron man, and when Tony WAS under water in Avengers, we wore the Mark 6 suit (red and... More
  • Paul R
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    Paul R  •  14 hours ago Report Abuse
    Is that a Richie Rich figurine or Iron Man?
  • Rumpelstilskin
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    Rumpelstilskin  •  14 hours ago Report Abuse
    Looks like Iron Power Ranger Man
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    JARVIS  •  14 hours ago Report Abuse
    Although if you know the comics related to Ironman's armor, you know he fights against deep space characters. However, in Ironman 3 there will be no need for deep space flight. That being said we know he can and in Avengers 2 will, we also know that if he does go into space it will be more of a... More
  • SlothLuvBabyRuth
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    SlothLuvBabyRuth  •  15 hours ago Report Abuse
    Looks like Tony Starks got a big head from making so much at the box office.
  • Firecat
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    Firecat  •  2 hours 27 minutes ago Report Abuse
    The figure does not necessarily mean anything. Both Marvel and DC movie tie-in toys often have figures and uniforms that do not appear anywhere in the movie they supposedly tie in to (The many versions of Batman figures released with each movie are a prime example of that).

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