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The recording world said that there is now a new trend in straight twelve-year trend loss last year, although citing a meager but important 0.3 percent increase in sales to $16.5 billion, data according to International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI).

The small rise is good news of course to the recording execs who is now more wary in the business after came into the dark ages, with sales plunging to 28.6 billion dollars last 1999, a plunge that was supposedly caused by pirated online downloads.

As expected the digital stores and sales saved the day, but for the first time in history, digital downloads are now able to patch the loss incurred by slow CD sales.

"At the beginning of the digital revolution it was a common theme to say digital is killing music," said Edgar Berger, president, international, at Sony Music Entertainment.

"Well the reality is, digital is saving music. I absolutely believe that this marks the start of a global growth story. The industry has every reason to be optimistic about its future."

The digital downloads from big companies like Sony, Warner, came with an increase of 9 percent compared to that in 2011, the figure is 5.6 billion dollars, resulting in an overall income of 34 percent.

According to the new data, 4.3 billion songs or items were made or twelve percent increase from last year. The album sales also grew by seventeen percent, equivalent to 207 million.

Although reluctant at first, companies say congrats to the digital subscriptions like Deezer and Spotify who were able to cross the ten percent quota, which is a good sign for the IFPI and good news as well for the recording firms.

According to the company that released the report, Spotify now has a list of five million members all of which are of course paying for their music. And report says Spotify is now the second largest supplier of digital download for the Europeans.

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