Maine Mendoza May Binunyag Sa Isang Event Na Kering Keri Niya

Hanggang ngayon talk of the town pa rin ang success ng launching event ng mga new products ni Maine Mendoza under MAC. Sa isang recent vlog, hindi mapigilan ni Maine na i-rave kung gaano niya ka love ang shade of red when it comes to lippies. In fact, she loves to wear it daw even without makeup, just lipstick lang. During the event nagpasalamat si Maine sa glam team niya because she was able to pull it off kahit may eye bags daw siya. She looked really stunning during that event. Watch the vlog below courtesy of Say Tioco, make sure to subscribe to her channel
It's no surprise too, because even MAC says that red is their really best selling shade. If you are interested in makeup, there is a beauty brand you may not know. The main character is 'MAC,' which is popular with a wide range of consumer groups, including fashion show runways, professional photography photographers, stars on stage, and the general public.

It is now launched in the world and has emerged as a global beauty brand, but they did not have a brilliant start from the beginning. In fact, their start was made in a small kitchen in the hair salon.

However, they were able to reach the top spot, saying, "To see the global makeup trends, go to the Mac store at a glance."

So why were they able to succeed? Discover the story of Mac, a global beauty brand created in the beauty salon kitchen.

'MAC', a global beauty brand made in beauty salon kitchens (photo: captured from Mac official website)
The start of the Mac comes from the pity that there is no cosmetic available.

Mac's founder Frank Toskan was a popular makeup artist and photographer in the 1870s. At the time, he didn't have any tools for makeup, so he used to make his own brushes.

When I finished thinking about the makeup tools, I continued to think that it was difficult to find a beautiful color product in my photo. At the time, most beauty brands focused on skincare products rather than color shades, so color cosmetics were mostly limited in color and poor quality.

Toskan decided to make cosmetics as well as make-up brushes. The plan was communicated to his sweetheart, Frank Angelo. Angelo, a young businessman, was a 22-year-old owner of a chain of unisex hair salons, and Mac's history began in the kitchen of Angelo's salon.

The two sought help from a chemist who was a prospective brother in Toscan, and the cosmetics were sold to fellow Tuscan makeup artists, models and photographers.

Mac's word of mouth quickly spread. There aren't many lip products on the market that have the same color as the product you see, and the Macs gain popularity as they use the cover of the magazine. And in March 1984, Mac was able to open his first edit shop in a Toronto department store. This is the beginning of the Mac.

The Mac's goal was to create a product that blends well with any skin color and that shows up well on the camera.

Based on this goal, the Mac came up with a range of unique color schemes not easily found in other brands, and it attracted many people's attention.

Mac stands for 'Make-up Art Cosmetics', and as you can see by its full name, Mac has been with both artists for their birth and growth. Launched exclusively for professional make-up artists, Mac has targeted its target customers as professional make-up artists, and has worked to cultivate its staff as professional make-up artists.

For the first time in the industry, the company provided makeup training and training to the store staff, and made it possible for employees to conduct 'consulting' when visiting the store. It can be said that it created the way the cosmetics industry operates today. Rather than unilateral injection training, the training was done in a manner that respects the individuality and creativity of employees, allowing Mac employees to become makeup specialists.

It's thanks to the pop queen Madonna that Mac has become a global beauty brand. One day before the 1990 tour, Madonna asked Mac for lipstick that would fit the concept of the stage, the vampire. The lipstick made at this time is the 'Russian Red' product of the Intense Matte Red lipstick line, which is still a popular product, and Madonna also expressed affection by applying the product throughout the tour.

The eye-catching feature of the product was that it used ingredients that were not included in any lipstick at the time. Mac adds `` Dimethicone '', a medical silicone oil, to boost color and sustainability.

In the aftermath of the tour, thousands of tourists gathered in stores, and famous stars such as Michael Jackson also began to show interest and became a global beauty brand. And in 1994, the Estee Lauder Group looked at Mac's growth potential, took over half of Mac's share, and three years later, Toscan was given over to Estee Lauder after founder Angelo died.

The Mac has a unique brand identity. The unique brand identity for 'All Races, All Sexes, All Ages' creates a variety of skin tones and shades to suit a wide range of people. For this reason, it is also a very popular brand in countries with many people of color.

In support of the fact that it is for all genders, Mack was also unbiased in gender. In 1991, Mac opened the first official store in the United States on Gay Street.

1991 was less than a few years after the outbreak of AIDS. Gay Street is also home to the gay bars and the first epicenter of AIDS in the United States.

But Mac was confident. Promoted as "a product of any gender," Mac hired "Dragqueen" from the Gay Street as a store employee.

Mac launched the `` Viva Glam '' lipstick and adopted Dragqueen RuPaul as a model and put it in front of the campaign. Even after being acquired by Estee Lauder, Mac continues its Viva Glam campaign, creating an HIV / AIDS organization and establishing an AIDS fund. The entire campaign will be donated to the AIDS Disease Fund for Mac's Vivaglam Lipstick.

Mac's campaign marks its 25th anniversary in 2019, making it the largest non-pharmaceutical industry donor in the field. Even Mac's funding alone is worth about $ 500 million.

Mac succeeded in becoming a global beauty brand. According to the 2017 Forbes report, the Estee Lauder Group's value is about 11 trillion won, of which the value of the Mac alone is over 650 trillion won.


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