Maine Mendoza’s Popular Product Now A Top Choice as A Gift

Maine Mendoza’s endorsed product the Betadine Fresh Bliss is a hot item. In fact according to reviews and feedback from stores, customers not only use it for themselves.

But they also buy in bulk and send as gifts to family and friends. This is because the product is not just affordable but effective and really helps in feminine hygiene.

In the official website of Watsons where you can buy Fresh Bliss, the Fresh Bliss Lavander Dreams Daily Feminine Wash 60ml is only 53 Pesos.

You can purchase Fresh Bliss via their website at or any shopping app, just download one on your phone.

Speaking of app and feminine hygiene, women these days are finding ways to become more conscious in their feminine health. They apply products like Fresh Bliss and use apps, yes mobile apps to monitor their feminine health.

App for fertility: how are they used, how useful and how reliable are they to support contraceptive methods?

Once (not so long ago) there were the paper agenda or the calendar on which to mark, perhaps in red, the date of menstruation , to keep the progress of the cycle under control , to identify the (presumed) most fertile days of the month and predict when - more or less - the next menstruation would arrive.

Today we can do it on the smartphone's agenda or, better yet, thanks to some apps that allow us to take note of various symptoms or other parameters important for assessing the fertility of the moment, from the basal temperature to the characteristics of the cervical mucus .

But how accurate are these apps? How are they used, on average, by women? Are they really useful in keeping the progress of the menstrual cycle under control ? These are some of the questions he asked b, a biomedical engineer with a passion for female reproductive health , along with some colleagues from the Polytechnic University of Lausanne and Stanford University. To answer, the researchers requested access to the database of two apps supporting the thermo- thermal method ( Sympto and Kindara ), a method of recognizing fertility that brings together different biological "signals" such as the state of cervical mucus and cervical uterus or the basal temperature.

Thus, Symul and his colleagues found data for over 2.7 million menstrual cycles of 200 thousand women - average age 30 years, European or North American citizenship, body mass index indicative of a normal weight situation (this the identikit of the "average" user of the two apps) - for a total of over 30 million days of "observations".


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