Listen to Beyonce and Jay-Z New Album Everything is love

Jay-Z and Beyoncé's chat and expected collaboration in the studio has arrived: the duo has surprisingly released the album "Everything is love" exclusively on Tidal . Attributed to The Carters, the album includes 9 tracks. Last March Jay-Z had declared that the couple had started working together in the studio as a sort of "couple therapy", to solve the problems often told by the press.

The duo is currently involved in "On The Run II", soon to arrive.

Here is tracklist and cover;





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Boss is the title of one of the songs in Everything is Love, the first joint record of Jay-Z and Beyoncé 's career . The album was released exclusively on Tidal last June 16 by the couple, immediately after the end of a packed concert at the London Stadium.

Inside Everything is love by Jay-Z and Beyoncé we find a total of 9 tracks (plus Salud!) Including the single launch Apeshit, accompanied by an official video nothing short of magnificent that you find here .

Jay-Z had anticipated it at the New York Times , and the announcement of the "double tour" was more than a clue: a collaborative album between the rapper and Beyoncé was in the pipeline, and is now available in streaming on Tidal.

It's called Everything is Love , and it was composed while the two were working on their respective solo albums Lemonade and 4:44 . "We used our art almost as a therapy," Jay-Z said. "So we started writing music together again." For this new album the couple decided to sign themselves as "The Carters", and to collaborate with the Migos and Pharrell. The APESHIT video was released along with the album , which you can see below.

The On the Run tour will arrive in July. In the meantime, you can listen to the new album thanks to the player inserted just above.

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